Still very much in the planning stage

With six months left to go before our big adventure, planning is progressing nicely. We will be following the ‘France En Velo’ route as described by John Walsh and Hannah Reynalds (2014), starting at St Malo, travelling Southish to below Bordeax before striking out Easterly over the Massif Central to Nice and finally to Ventimiglia, over in Italy:


We are working on an average of 50 miles a day (must start thinking in kms) and about five weeks to complete with stopovers, meanderings, sheltering from the weather and a few days with Jane (hopefully).

The journey will start properly from home – our first resting place being at Pixie Close before cycling to Portsmouth to catch the overnight ferry.



  1. Thank you dandkonthego ~ have started to have collywobbles already! The Massif Central is something to think seriously about. We have in fact been through there but in the car of course and it is well worth a look. We are anxious to have a more detailed sight of the France en Velo route and are happy to be involved with your first stop.


  2. Hello Mummy and Daddy. Thank you very much for agreeing to put us up for our first night on the adventure. As for the Massif Central, it looks as though it will be a bit of a challenge with a couple of long high climbs as we cycle through two regions, Lot and Cevennes – Ardeche. The book says the rewards are well worth the effort needed to climb, with a long slope down the otherside! The views are said to be stunning, with clear views of mountains and valleys, beautiful villages built along the river Lot, oh and of course the wolves (the Beast of Gevaudan’!) Hopefully by then we will have built up a bit of strength in our legs and will do it a little bit at a time.


  3. Hi mum and dad (aka DandK). I’ve enjoyed reading about your plans. I bet you can’t wait to actually get going. I’m quite envious and although I don’t want to wish my life away retirement seems very appealing! 50 miles per day is no small undertaking. Hopefully we’ll join you for some training rides in the new year. See you tomorrow. X


  4. Hi Duncan and Kath
    Thanks for sharing the plans with us. We look forward to following your progress once you set sail!


  5. You don’t say how you’re coming back? Have you decided it’s not worth bothering? And are you taking the whistles in case you run out of money and need to do some busking?
    So many questions.


  6. Got the Blog, looking forward to seeing the adventure unfold, we’ll see you both at Pixie Close for the big send off, very inspiring stuff this, so Power to your Peddles love Bro x


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